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How do you block InMail from your LinkedIn messages forever?

Have you ever noticed messages popping up in your LinkedIn inbox from people you don’t now?

We’re going to explain why this happens and how you can stop it, if you want.

What is InMail?

As with all social media networks, there are little quirks and features that are unique to each platform.

One of LinkedIn’s unique quirks is LinkedIn Premium – “oooh” 🤩

Premium is pitched at job seekers and business owners, unlocking extra features for both audiences. And one of theses features is InMail.

According to LinkedIn, InMail “allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member that you're not connected to”.

It works by giving you a number of credits each month based on the level of your subscription to LinkedIn Premium.

How to block InMail

If you’re sick of receiving messages from people you don’t know, you can block them.

LinkedIn probably won’t like us sharing this but they do have instructions hidden away on their website. 😉

Now, these instructions differ depending on whether you’re on mobile or desktop. So, make sure you’re following the right set.

On desktop...

1. Click on your profile picture in the top right

2. Click 'Settings & Privacy'

3. Select 'Communications' on the left-hand side

4. Under 'Who can reach you', click 'Messages'

5. Toggle 'Allow others to send you InMail' from Yes to No

On mobile...

1. Click on your profile picture in the top left

2. Click 'Settings'

3. Select 'Communications'

4. Under 'Who can reach you', click 'Messages'

5. Toggle 'Allow others to send you InMail' from Yes to No

Why is protecting your LinkedIn Messages important?

Matt, Director here at Different Resonance, has come under criticism before for his views on curating what you see on social media.

This isn’t about creating an echo chamber but about creating a space that brings you value.

If you’re receiving unsolicited messages, you’re not going to enjoy your time on that platform. So, if this simple tip helps you avoid that, then we’re all for it.

This also extends to who you are connected with and follow. We might do a bit more about this in the future, but make sure you curate whose content you’re seeing to make your feed works for you.

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