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Visit Hull

"Count the butts!"

With attractions across the country claiming to be family friendly, how can Visit Hull show that the Ferens Art Gallery is really family-friendly, rather than just saying it?

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increase in average number of video views.


increase in average number of video engagements.

The challenge.

Prior to this project, we had worked on a copywriting brief for Visit Hull. Throughout this work, we were describing many of Hull's attractions as "family-friendly". And that got us thinking. Surely, attractions across the country are described as family-friendly, even if the public don't believe they are? So, we approached Visit Hull with the concept for this video campaign which would go on to be known as "Count the butts". The idea was to show (rather than tell) people that one of Hull's most popular attractions, Ferens Art Gallery, is family-friendly.

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"Count The Butts" campaign image of a young girl looking at a leaflet in an art gallery.

Having pitched the idea to let three children loose in Ferens Art Gallery, our job was then to make it happen. Firstly, we refined the creative idea so that Visit Hull could get buy in from their partners at Hull City Council and Hull Culture & Leisure. We then developed a plan which set out the timeline for delivery, having liaised with partners such as the videographers. We also worked with Hull & East Yorkshire Children's University to find the three stars of the show, the children. Our next task was to co-ordinate the filming day, ensuring the creative vision was delivered. Once the video was finalised, we planned its distribution, working with Visit Hull to tease and launch the video across social media.

Our involvement.

Visit Hull - "Count the butts!"

The result.

The video we produced was shared across Visit Hull's social media channels, being viewed more than twice as much as their other video campaigns in the previous 3-months. The series of videos (two trailers and the main video) also received 50% more engagements than previous video campaigns across the 3-months prior. The "Count the butts!" trailers and video amassed more than 6,000 views and 155 interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Three young children looking and pointing at a painting in an art gallery.

This project showcases what we mean by "looking beyond the obvious". In this case, the obvious was to write about how family-friendly the attractions are, telling people that they should visit. Instead, we created an entertaining video which showed people without saying it at all.


Our choice of venue also exemplifies our value to strive and be ambitious. We could have opted for an easier venue to showcase as family-friendly, such as the Streetlife Museum. However, we decided to choose the Ferens Art Gallery, a venue which is less-likely to be associated with the term "family-friendly". If we could make this venue work, then we knew the concept was a success. Now, we move onto the other venues.

Our approach.


Let's work together.

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