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Easy way to grow the following of your LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Pages have a number of benefits. But often, they struggle to generate the followers, reach and engagement that a personal profile might.

Now, you might be thinking, if pages aren’t as good as profiles, why would you focus on them?

Well, in this blog post, I’m going to look at why they’re worth your time and reveal one simple trick which could unlock a new audience for your business page.

Screenshot of the top of LinkedIn's LinkedIn business page.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn Page for your business

If you head to the LinkedIn Business Solutions site, they’ll reel off a long list of benefits that you could enjoy if you use Business Pages. But we’re going to focus on just two.

First up, we have a recurring theme with social media sites.

Ultimately, social media networks are there to make money. And they do this by selling advertising. Now, for their advertising to be worth anything, they need eyeballs. They need people to stay on their site.

That means LinkedIn doesn’t want you sending people off to your own website where they might get distracted and not return.

If you’re smart with how you curate your page, it can act almost like a mini-website. Meaning you don’t have to send people away from LinkedIn as much.

Now, onto the second reason why we feel you should give LinkedIn Pages a bit of attention.

If you (or your team) have a strong personal brand then your business brand could benefit massively.

It’s all about riding those coattails.

If you have a decent following and are create engaging content, then chances are people will be checking you out. And, if you’ve set up your profile correctly, people will quickly be moving across to your business page.

So, you need to make sure, when your page is ready, waiting for them with its own engaging content.

A simple trick to gain new LinkedIn Page followers

What if you want to boost the following for your LinkedIn Page. Is there a simple trick?

Well, yes. There actually is a quick trick you can use if you are a Page Admin.

Now, this isn’t like a ‘get rich quick’ kind of thing that actually isn’t as it seems on the surface. It genuinely can be used by any admin and, if done correctly, can work very effectively.

“Come on guys, get on with it!”

Ok, ok, here goes…

Invite Connections.

Admins of Business Pages can invite their connections to follow the page. When they do this, that person will receive a request, similar to a Connection Request.

The details…

Each month, there are 100 invites available for each page. If you use these up, they will be refreshed but they do not roll over if you don’t use them. Also, if someone accepts your invite, that credit gets returned to you.

How to invite connections to follow your business page

1. Open up your business page through the account that has admin access.

2. In the top right corner, click “Admin Tools”.

3. Under “Reach”, click “Invite Connections”.

4. Type in the name of the connections you would like to invite. Click them to add them to your list.

5. Once you’ve completed your list, click “Invite Connections” in the bottom right corner.

The reason you have to type the names is to try and stop people spamming users with invites. My top tip for this to work effectively is to invite people who you genuinely feel will be interested in what your business has to say.

If you’ve sent requests to all the people you want to, why not add other members of staff as admin for a short period and ask them to invite their connections too?

If you’d like more advice on how you can up your LinkedIn game, then drop us an email and we’ll get a chat booked in.


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