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Content Strategy.

What's included?

Working in partnership with your team, we will help develop a content strategy that helps you educate, entertain and persuade your target audience.

1 \ Strategy meetings

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Working in partnership with your team, we will help develop a content strategy that helps you educate, inform and persuade your target audience.

2 \ Audit

Before the first strategy meeting, we will conduct an audit of the social media profiles included in your plan. This will cover everything from profile pictures to contact details. Each issue identified will include a suggested improvement, be prioritised and assigned to someone to look after. Before each strategy meeting, the audit will be reviewed and updated.

3 \ Analytics

Each month we will pull together an overview report which will detail top-level metrics such as followers, number of posts and engagement rate. This will be accompanied by a deeper dive into the best and worst performing posts to see what we can take from them moving forward. All of this will be presented at the strategy meetings.

4 \ Email support

We know that, from time to time, you may need some extra support. Whether that's technical or content support, we're on hand to help. Just drop us an email and we'll get onto it as soon as we can.


Let's Work Together

We love hearing from brands that are after new ideas and looking to take their marketing to the next level. If you'd like to find out more about what we do, email

Social media first approach.

When working with clients, we take a social media first approach. Now, this might be a new term to you, so here's what we mean when we say "social media first".


Although we work across multiple channels we always think about how we can link the work we're doing back to social media. This is because the social media platforms offer a cost-effective route to reach new people. 

It doesn't mean we only think about social media. It doesn't mean we copy and paste what we do on social media across every other channel. Instead, it means we think about how best to leverage the power of social media alongside all your marketing activity.

Our focus is working out what’s right for you. Whether that’s videos, blogs, newsletters or any other type of content. We then bring that all together as one service for your convenience.

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